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Laurent Tourette

Laurent Tourette

Laurent Tourette is a hairdresser of French origin, who lives and works in Bucharest

The hairstyle: a passion

His mother was a hairdresser, and every day after school, he went to see her in her salon. Fascinated to see her mother cut and shape the hair; At 19, he decided to stop studying history and joined a hairdressing school without his parents knowing. In 1990 his diploma in his pocket, he decides to work alongside his mother in salon she owns in Bordeaux; he stays there 10 years. At the same time and that for 4 years, He works for the cinema and the magazines by styling stars like Hugh Grant, Catherine Deneuve, Mathilda May, etc ... He begins to promote L'ORÉAL in different countries, there are performances and hairdressing competitions. He became Champion of the world, Europe and France of his discipline, hairdressing, titles that allowed him to become a creative member of the Syndicat de la Haute Coiffure Française in 2000.

First L'ORÉAL Ambassador to Romania

Ambassador of L'Oréal France throughout the world, he comes for the first time in Romania at the launch of the professional range of the brand, in 2004. The French cosmetics producer offers him to open a trade show in Bucharest and to become the first L'Oreal Ambassador in Romania. Laurent Tourette seized this opportunity and leaves France.
Laurent has been active for more than 15 years, he reached the Romanian press in 2004 thanks to his talent but also to the impressive number of stars who pass in his hair salon. For 8 years, he is the hairstyle of the Royal Family of Romania and is awarded a medal by the King in 2015.

To date, Laurent Tourette is the hairdresser for ambassadors from France, Algeria, Tunisia, Croatia, Slovenia and Lebanon in Romania.
His friends

Cătălin Botezatu

He works in close collaboration with Cătălin Botezatu, fashion designer of Romanian origin.

Mirela Vescan

He works closely with Mirela Vescan, one of the most famous makeup artists in Romania.
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